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The goalie position is a beautiful science and when given the proper instruction, players can thrive. Our training focuses on lacrosse goalie specific work while incorporating athletic training to strengthen the muscles and motor skills needed to play at the highest level. 


Entry-Level Training - Our approach towards entry-level players is to get them to love the position. In order to excel between the pipes you will learn how to see and understand the game in a tactical way.

  • Foundational Development: basic equipment checks, stance work, meeting the shot, passing and catching, agility and speed. 


  • Positional Development: Attacking the shot, proper angles, reaction and timing drills, hand-eye drills.


Intermediate/Advanced Training - This training will help sharpen your skills and provide you with tools to be a threat between the pipes. 


  • Positional Development: Defining your arc, building up a proper warm-up, hand-eye advancement, communication development, clearing progressions, attacking the shot, taking away the shooter's angles, stick stills to handle a high pressure ride.


  • Athletic Development: Our sessions blend together goalie-specific training along with strength and conditioning. The game is evolving faster than ever and goalies are being called upon to do more. We are here to build athletes that can withstand the rigors of full lacrosse season.



Elite Training - This training is for collegiate-committed goalies looking to prepare for the next level of play.

  • Repetition: Shots against high level varsity and college shooters from all angles and distances to build the habits necessary to succeed at the college level.

  • Holistic Lacrosse IQ: High level defensive knowledge to facilitate proper communication with defenders, quick decisions and patience on the clear. 

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